Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Incomparable Eisley Jacobs

     The multi-talented Eisley Jacobs will be guest blogging on Saturday July 9th, to promote her much anticipated Born to be a Dragon, the first book in her Dragons Forever series, which releases on July 20th
When I said Eisley is multi-talented, I mean just that. Not only did she create the charming and quirky Born to be a Dragon, but she created the cover as well. Yes, I am so jealous, she is just too talented. It’s NOT fair!

To celebrate the release of her green and scaly first born, Eisley launched a scavenger hunt yesterday. There will be prizes every day, culminating in the grand prize: A NOOK!!

It’s not too late to start scavenging; you can read about the hunt here

Join the fun!

But don't forget to stop by Saturday to say "Hi!" and congratulate her on her new release.

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