Saturday, July 9, 2011

Announcing a New Website and New blog!

This will be my last post here on my old t-time blog.

From now on I will be blogging over at my brand new website!  Check it out.

The New Website Of Trish McCallan

Tomorrow I will be linking my domain to the website page, and I'll be official.

And to launch my new website and blog, I am hosting Eisley Jacobs. Eisley's first book--Born to be a Dragon will be releasing on July 20th.

Please stop by my website and enter Eisley's scavenger hunt. The grand prize winner at the end of the three week blog tour will be a NOOK!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Incomparable Eisley Jacobs

     The multi-talented Eisley Jacobs will be guest blogging on Saturday July 9th, to promote her much anticipated Born to be a Dragon, the first book in her Dragons Forever series, which releases on July 20th
When I said Eisley is multi-talented, I mean just that. Not only did she create the charming and quirky Born to be a Dragon, but she created the cover as well. Yes, I am so jealous, she is just too talented. It’s NOT fair!

To celebrate the release of her green and scaly first born, Eisley launched a scavenger hunt yesterday. There will be prizes every day, culminating in the grand prize: A NOOK!!

It’s not too late to start scavenging; you can read about the hunt here

Join the fun!

But don't forget to stop by Saturday to say "Hi!" and congratulate her on her new release.