Monday, January 24, 2011


I finished revising the last scene of Zane last night!

Happy dog dancing.

This makes the second BIG revision on the manuscript. The heavy lifting and major character and plot changes are now complete. Of course, I still haven't read the entire manuscript front to back to see how it holds together. I‘m letting it sit until the weekend, at which point I'll print it off and do a read through.

But my instincts tell me the big stuff is set. There may be some minor tweaking, but I think we are ready for the final polish and trim.

Can’t wait to get this puppy out on submission!


  1. Fantastic! This is a great story, I love the guys and "listening" to their Man Talk! When I grow up, I want to write Man Talk like that!

  2. Congratulations! Have fun celebrating before you dive back into it.

  3. Congratulations!!! Now the fun will begin.

  4. Congrats! I look forward to reading it! Sent you an email to explain :)

  5. Thanks Zee,

    Feels so good to be done. LOL

  6. Vee, if anyone knows if it holds together, it will be YOU, since you're reading the entire manuscript before I even am.

  7. Thanks Kristi,

    Giving myself a week, then we shall see what it needs.

  8. Edie,

    I simply can not wait to get this one out on subs. Whoot!

  9. Thanks Patti and now take a bow-

    Hey everyone, Patti was the one who responded to my panicked SOSs while I was writing Zane. I can forgive her now for laughing at me- and whispering "how the mighty plotters have fallen."

    btw- I do NOT recommend that plotters give pantzing a try. It can age a person prematurely. Give them heart palpitations. Induce panic attacks.

  10. Thanks Cindy!

    And thanks for your help with the chapters. It's because of you, Vee, and Patti that Zane turned out the way it did.
    Much appreciate to all three of you!