Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rolling Toward The End

I finished chapter twenty yesterday, which leaves me with one chapter left to revise on Zane.

Lately, getting this book finished is all I'm able to concentrate on. I'm hoping to finish this last chapter by Saturday, at which point I'm going to let it sit for a week and just relax. Kick back. Do some reading. Get some distance from it. After a week I'll print that puppy off and read it all in one sitting. See how it holds together. I've done so much layering I've lost sense of how the book flows and fits together. I'm sure I'll find some small tweaking that still needs to be done. Plus, I’m sure my CPs will find problems in these last four chapters that need to be addressed.

Once I've done the last bit of tweaking, I still need to do a final edit/polish and trim. I'll have to cut somewhere around eight thousand words. I've added quite a bit of stuff in these last four chapters which increased my word count. Looks like the book will come in around 108-109 K this time around.


  1. Great! I'm still revising. It's going to take longer than I'd like. Everything always takes longer than I'd like.

  2. Edie,

    I always find the same thing. That everything takes twice as long as I expected or want. Gets very frustrating sometimes!

  3. That full read you're gonna do - perfect opp to see where you're redundant. I always use mine to trim out excess words.

    Always good to take some time off the ms, so you come back with fresh eyes. Amazing how some distance can show us our own story in a new light.

  4. Zee, I'm not worried about the trimming, there's plenty to trim in those pages. I see sentences, words, even entire paragraphs that can go with every chapter I re-read.

  5. That's great, Trish! Trimming is my worst nightmare if I ever have to do it on a book, :)