Thursday, January 13, 2011


Progress on Zane is going slowly but surely. I’m working my way through the last few chapters of the book. I just finished chapter eighteen yesterday. I’ll go through it today for one last pass, but it looks fairly solid. I’m still sitting on chapter 17. I’ll reread it as soon as I finish my last pass on chapter 18 and then send it off to CPs for feedback. I’m hoping to finish chapter 19 this weekend, which will leave me with just one chapter to do.

At the rate I’m going, the last of the heavy lifting revisions should be finish by middle of next week. The original plan was to launch immediately into polish and trim, but I’m decided to let the book sit for a week or so, and then take a whole day and spend it reading the manuscript. I’ve done so much layering, and changing and adding- I’ve lost my sense of how it hangs together. I need to read the whole thing, and make sure all the layering added the elements I needed. After I’ve read it through, and have a better sense of how it hangs together, I’ll know whether I need to do some additional layering. Or whether the character growth arcs carry through the entire manuscript.

How are the rest of you doing on your projects?
Any ready to send out into the dark, cold querying world?


  1. I'm making good progress on the WIP. Found some sensual interactions happening that I totally didn't plan in at this point but the characters are taking me through (and that's no hardship when the hero looks like Jared Padalecki!).

  2. Good for you! You're making great progress.

    I'm so eager to start on my next round of revisions. I'd like to start today, but don't know if that will happen.

  3. So far - nowhere. Got characters, got a plot. Just haven't made m'self write. Need to. Need to write a paper for school first but don't want to do that either. Blah. I'm in a black hole, or maybe circling the drain.

    Glad your writing's going so well!

  4. Zee,

    Don't you just love it when the characters grab the reins and start moving and talking and reacting for themselves. lol

    That't how I can tell when the characters are spot on.

  5. Edie,
    I hope you got a chance to start on your revisions- now me, I'm looking forward to being done with these. And onto the next project.

  6. Tory,

    Sounds like those two babies you're carrying might be hijacking all your energy. Which I think is normal. Try not to get too frustrated. The creative urge will return once you're body is ready for it.

  7. I'm still working on the ol' query...sigh...and tinkering with my synopsises. I'm near the end, but for some reason I keep procrastinating....must be scared or something...