Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week's Progress Report

Today marks my momentous seventh straight day of blogging. I have the beginnings of a nice, heavy red chain and yes, I may be strange, but I like looking at all those strings of Xs. There is this instant feeling of accomplishment. You can literally see the result of all those hours spent on the blog. Oh, all right, I’ll admit you can’t literally see all the time spent. It’s more of a representation, but it still gives me a warm, fuzzy glow inside—so there!

I call this a momentous day of blogging not because it’s my seventh straight day, but because today I exceeded last year’s total blog count.

Yep, it’s true. As of today I have already blogged more than ALL of last year. This would be momentous, if the sad fact I only blogged six times last year didn’t prove what a pathetic slacker I’d been. You see this is why I so desperately needed this 365 day blogging challenge.

I’ve been getting the hours in on the book too, for those of you wondering. I finished the final revision on chapter 17, which leaves three chapters left to go. I’m planning on devoting a ton of hours to Zane over the weekend and finishing chapter 18, which will leave me with two chapters to finish next week. This schedule will give me two full weeks to polish and trim, and then we start querying.

Bring on week number two!


  1. Congrats on your progress! On the blog and the revision!

  2. Thanks Edie,

    This week has flown by.

  3. Zee,

    It looks like you're blogging everyday as well. And you even posted a Friday Progress report. lol. Just proof positive that great minds think alike.

  4. Thanks Rebecca,

    Just 358 left to go!

  5. ... um... not sure that's the best attitude there, Trish... ;)