Monday, November 9, 2009


I finished the final polish on chapter one Friday morning and shipped it off to my critique partners.

Very, very anxious to see how they like it. I tried some new tactics for dialogue tagging, but I'm not sure whether they actually worked. I know who says what, so I'm not the best judge of whether the dialogue becomes confusing. On the other hand, if the tags didn't work and there is confusion over who's speaking, that's easy enough to fix.

I have a couple of other concerns about the two scenes in this first chapter too. One is the volume of characters they introduce. I may need to go back in and prune some of those characters out. But I'm waiting to find out if my readers found them overwhelming before I do anything. The last worry is pace. (which is something I always seem to be worrying over) This first chapter sets up a ton of things, and I'm hoping it’s not so full of characters and plot that it bogs down.

I suppose if it does, I can always go in and make good use of that delete key. (no matter how much using that key hurts. )

I also made great progress on chapter two and finished the major revisions to those pages over the weekend. At this point I'll let it sit two days or so and then go back in and polish, so I can have it out to my crit partners this Friday. I didn't make as much progress in chapter three today as I'd hoped. I did get my 1000 word goal in. But my ears and head are all stuffed up, so I stopped there. The plan is to go to bed early tonight, so I can get up at four am tomorrow morning.


  1. I thought I signed up to get your blog notices in my Google Reader, and that you just weren't blogging. Darn.

    I just read your previous blog. Congrats on finishing your revisions and being so happy with it. And starting your new book. Great progress!

  2. Hi Edie,

    I wish I'd finished all the revisions on the WIP. :lol: But alas, just the first and second chapters are finished at this point. And not even the first chapter--looks like I need to go back and tweak the beginning again.

  3. How're the revisions going these days? Have you heard back from your crit partners yet? Hopefully they responded well to the first chapter and you're letting yourself move on... ;)

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    It is time for an updated progress report, isn't it. Thanks for reminding me. I'll whip something up tonight.